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About Us

Welcome to Wellington College

Lumen accipe et imperti - Receive The Light And Pass It On.

We are a state secondary school for boys with a proud tradition dating back to 1867. Our roll is just over 1800 students.

Wellington College places an unequivocal emphasis on excellence, whether academic, sporting or cultural.

Our mission is to inspire students to develop their talents, to reach well beyond the ordinary, and to acquire a life-long passion for learning.


In a very real way, the history of Wellington College reflects the history of the city of Wellington, the nation’s capital.

Famous Old Boys include such eminent New Zealanders as Lord Bernard Freyberg, Sir William Pickering, Sir Ron Brierley, Sir Paul Reeves and Sir Michael Hardie Boys.  Their impact upon our nation reflects achievements of which we are justifiably proud.

Wellington College has an unequivocal emphasis on excellence, whether it be academic, sporting or cultural.  The achievements of our students in external examinations places us in the top echelon of New Zealand secondary schools.  Every year, our number of New Zealand Scholarships gained is the highest in the greater Wellington area.

The College also considers it fundamentally important to develop an ethic which develops a concern for those who are struggling in the wider, global community.  Consequently, each year, Wellington College students organise a ‘Run-a-thon’ to raise a significant amount of money for World Vision.

The College’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.