Wellington College kapa haka group performs anti-violence haka

A Wellington kapa haka group has performed a haka about valuing women, and ending violence against them. 

The team called Te Haeata Awatea, made up of Wellington College and Wellington Girls' College students, was performing at the Otaki Regional Kapa Haka competition on Wednesday when they performed the haka, which had been kept secret until then.

The performance was so powerful it had people in the audience in tears, said Janet Carson, the mother of one of the boys in the group.

Ms Carson said those events had made the tutor of the group, and writer of the haka, reflect on what conversations he wanted to have with the boys in the group. 

It likened violence to an angry demon that attached itself to people.

"It says you have attached yourself to me but you are not me, it says to men ... you can shake it off."

During practices, the boys had been stayed on a marae for about six weekends, and part of those weekends were to break off and have a discussion about the haka and material they were performing.

It was heartening to see the bond between the students from the College, and Wellington Girls', Ms Carson said.


Wellington College's Deputy Principal, David Thorp, said the school had known McGee was writing material about valuing women and decrying violence.

"It's a continuation of what we've always stood for, which is gender equality, and healthy relationships between genders, and things we teach in the health curriculum.

He said watching the group of Wellington College and Wellington Girls' had been wonderful.

"They've been on an amazing journey."



Full story and link to the video is here.